Alana Sees Lorde

May 18, 2018

Alana is an amazing 12 year old little girl with big dreams. She is a competitive dancer and a National Junior Honor Society member, and works very hard to achieve her goals despite her illness and the daily symptoms that brings. She is living with hypogammaglobulinemia and intestinal lymphangiectasia, a rare gastrointestinal disorder and immune deficiency that have impacted her life significantly. She receives monthly infusions of a plasma based medication and recently had a very serious reaction during an infusion. Alana is having a difficult time dealing with accepting that her illness is chronic, and that medications and infusions are likely a part of her life forever. Her mother told us that it would be life changing for Alana to attend a Lorde concert as she finds her inspirational and powerful..

“Our family would like to thank Do It For The Love for an amazing night! The concert was fabulous, our seats were perfect, and Alana said she felt like a celebrity. She was so excited to have the chance to see Lorde in concert, and it was wonderful to see her singing, dancing, and just enjoying the night. It is a night she will always remember. My younger daughter, Madison, was extremely appreciative to be included in this experience. Unfortunately, the siblings of kids with chronic illnesses often feel left out, but this was something that we could all attend and enjoy. We were all celebrities for the night, so thank you!”