Aislinn Sees Justin Timberlake

January 3, 2018

Our family has had a crazy year.  It began with Aislinn having her second brain surgery in January.  Aislinn has Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, and the surgery was in hopes to control her seizures.  It went really well, but unfortunately she is still having seizures a couple of times a week.

Aislinn is non verbal, but knows how to get her point across.  She doesn’t get too excited about most music, but lights up and dances when Justin Timberlake comes on, specifically Can’t Stop The Feeling.

When I found out about Do It For The Love, I just knew it was meant to be.  Justin was only playing two concerts all year, and one of those concerts was happening 20 minutes from our house. Learning we would get to go was so exciting, but then we had to choose who to take along.  After my husband said he didn’t want to go (he doesn’t know what he missed), it was an easy choice: Aislinn’s teacher Lauren and her teacher’s aide, Tammie, who are like her other moms.  I never worry about sending her to school because I know she is loved.

When we arrived we were super excited to see how close to the stage the ADA area was.  It was roped off so we didn’t have to worry about the crush of the crowd.  Once Justin Timberlake came on stage, the energy truly became electric.  He was utterly amazing, and the four of us had a magical time.  Sharing that moment with three beautiful souls was a restart of joy that we all needed.

Thank you so much for a priceless gift.