Aiden Sees The Los Angeles Ballet

April 7, 2015

Aiden is a four-year old boy from Southern California who is living with Myelomeningocele (a severe, and the most common form of Spina Bifida). His mother nominated him for a wish grant to see the Los Angeles Ballet and we were happy to enhance the experience with a night at a local hotel and a back-stage experience with the dancers themselves. Special thanks to the Los Angeles Ballet for working to make this such a special experience for Aiden and his family.

Aiden’s mother shared a bit about their experience: “Keep doing what you’re doing cuz you’re doing it right! Having a day/night off of medical jargon is an incredible and rare feeling. It’s something we’ll remember for a very long time. It’s enhanced Aiden’s life by teaching him that there is no reason he can’t dance, whether he wears braces on his legs or not. He is still showing off his dance moves.”

Keep dancing, Aiden! We’re all cheering you on