Adrianne Meets Rachel Platten

September 15, 2015

Since being diagnosed with epilepsy several years ago, Adrianne has undergone multiple treatments and surgeries and suffered a stroke recently that set her back from her love of singing and performing.

“Although it has been incredibly difficult, she’s making progress every day,” said Adrianne’s mom. “She has always loved singing, acting and performing for people and sings Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” every day in speech therapy. She had been practicing the song prior to surgery and had learned it on guitar with hopes to sing it at an upcoming charity event that she has been involved with for several years. That song is such an inspiration for her to continue to fight even when she wants to give up.”

We were happy to send Adrianne to her first concert ever – a recent Rachel Platten concert, where she experienced the healing power of her music first hand. Rachel was generous enough to invite Adrianne and her family backstage before the show, where they spend some time together.

“What an amazing “first concert” experience!” said Adrianne’s mom. “We got to be up so close to the performers and seeing Rachel sing ‘Fight Song’ inspired Adrianne to start singing out for people again. We could not have had this opportunity without Do It for the Love so thank you so very much!!”

Adrianne will be performing ‘Fight Song’ at an upcoming charity event in Cleveland.  We’re thrilled that this experience helped give her the confidence and passion to go forward with her dreams! Keep fighting, Adrianne!