A Special New Year's Eve For John With Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett

January 9, 2015

 We were honored to help make a memorable New Year’s Eve wish grant happen for John, a retired Air Force veteran, who’s been undergoing extensive radiation and chemo therapy for lung cancer. He has months of treatment ahead this year, but was able to enjoy a special New Year’s Eve with his wife and daughters in Las Vegas. John’s friends heard about his trip and generously stepped in to help with the hotel rooms for the family, and Lady Gaga’s management responded to our request with upgraded concert tickets. It was a very Happy New Year indeed for John and his family, who shared his story with us:

 “My daughters Emily and Erin, my wife Cathy were so excited to see Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett on stage.  Wow, such a big show on New Years Eve, it was magical and wonderful. All four of us had nice seats and enjoyed the show.  When the clock struck midnight, the confetti went flying.  Lady Gaga lead us in the final countdown and wished us all a Happy New Year.

The concert lasted from 10:30 till midnight, and they did a great job singing many familiar jazz songs.  Tony is such a class act, and Lady Gaga really wowed us with her strong voice and beautiful dresses.  She must have changed outfits every 15 minutes–so it seemed.  Those two have a great chemistry and much respect for each other that showed in their voices and their deportment.


My family and I could not have been more pleased to be there and to see all the magic that the New Years brings to all of us.  The strip was packed’ filled with revelers wishing everyone a great 2015.  I can’t thank the foundation enough for all that they did to secure the tickets and the effort made in finding us great seating.  Kudos all around! These memories and experiences enrich us and makes us grateful for each day.”