Fundraising Ideas!

Hosting a fundraiser for Do It For The Love is a fantastic way for anyone who is passionate about our cause to support us. Whether your efforts raise $100, $1,000 or $10,000, your contribution bring hope, healing and music to those who are facing severe health challenges.

If you are inspired to help raise awareness and funds to support our mission, there are many creative ways to get involved on a grassroots level in your own communities and families.

What do you love to do? Running, biking, hiking, BBQing, yoga, skiing, walking, swimming, bowling? Turn it into a Do It For The Love fundraiser!

Host a yoga class! or Bowl, walk, run, bike, dance and so on.

Auctions: Donated goods, art, handmade products, hotel stays etc. Ask businesses in your community to donate goods and services for a silent auction.

  • Arts and Crafts Shows
  • Backyard BBQ’s, Birthday Parties or Personal Celebrations
  • Car Washes
  • Neighborhood or School Donation Drive
  • Garage and Yard Sales
  • Ticket Sales, Raffles and Entry Fees
  • Sporting Events and Tournaments
  • Bake Sale

Steps on how to organize your first Do It For the Love fundraising event:

1. Set the date and location. Give yourself enough time to plan and promote it properly.

2. Set fundraising goals and a budget. Remember, the lower your costs to produce the event, the higher your contribution will be. We recommend setting a budget with expenses not more than 25% of what you expect to fundraise.

3. Submit the DIFTL Fundraising Agreement. Agreements must be approved before moving forward with your fundraiser.