The DIFTL Wish Grant Community

March 30, 2018 | Elizabeth Scarborough

At Do It For The Love, we think of our wish grant recipients as family. That’s a lofty term I know, but it underscores the connection and hope we have for those we serve. Learning about each person and their situation, hearing about the struggles they face on a daily basis inspires us to do as much as we can. Creating a moment of connection and joy for each person is more than our focus; it’s our driving passion.

When I think of some of the difficulties people experience — breast cancer that has spread to the brain, heart conditions that steal away the chance to run and to play, post traumatic stress that influences every moment, and more — I’m grateful that we get the chance to share the healing power of music. Even if it’s just one night where they are able to escape feeling like they ARE their illness, that they are confined by their struggles, that one night can bring hope.

Since I started with the organization last June, we have granted over 300 wishes. That’s 300 members of our DIFTL family who have sung along with Marc Anthony, danced to Katy Perry, shared smiles and laughs with Ozzy Osborne, sang holiday songs with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and more. The memories created and shared not only bring hope to the wish grant recipients, it also promotes the love between parents and their children, brothers and sisters, friends and extended family. And with us, the DIFTL team.

I’m so grateful for all we do to support our wish grant recipients. And all they share with us — their hopes, their dreams, their wishes. As our DIFTL family grows, so does the feeling of connection and care. And we treasure this connection beyond the wish grant — connecting with Do It For The Love means not only a wish; you are part of our community, part of our family. We are here to help support and celebrate you any way we can.

Here’s to all those who are our wish grant recipients, and our DIFTL family  — we are so grateful for you.