Meet our Volunteer, Anne!

April 26, 2018 | Elizabeth Scarborough

Tell us a little bit about yourself.


I worked for 27 years for an international organization and retired early in order to spend more time at what I love: learning about and teaching yoga. I am passionate about teaching the philosophy of this ancient practice in alignment with the poses. Currently, I teach at George Washington University; Yoga District, Simon Says Yoga, and have multiple private clients. I have 3 amazing daughters, 2 granddaughters and 2 cats, and I live in Takoma Park, MD.

I am also very passionate about music with a message.  Reggae is my number one love, and I managed a reggae band for a number of years in DC and was active in promotions of various reggae events.  In 2015, I created Yoga Reggae Fest with headliners Third World and Faith Hunter.  The purpose of this fest was to introduce healthy living alternatives to a community that has often been underserved.


What was your first impression of Do It For The Love?

It filled me with joy! I love Michael Franti: the man, the music and his commitment to living the main tenet of yoga: compassion and non-harming. I also have been wanting to do some karma yoga (giving back) and since I am a music fan–voila!

What are you most excited about with volunteering for Do It For The Love?

I can just imagine the intended person getting the confirmation that they will be a vip at the concert of their favorite artist! Their joy = my joy

What other causes and organizations are you passionate about?
I am a member of PETA as I am very anti-animal harm. I also follow PRCM (Physicians for Responsible Cancer Medicine) and have participated in some of their events.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about volunteering?

I would tell them to do it for the love 🙂