Local, homegrown fundraisers make a lasting impact

July 11, 2018 | Elizabeth Scarborough

Volunteers are an essential part of accomplishing Do It For The Love’s mission to provide the healing power of music to those who need it most. DIFTL volunteers organize local fundraisers and events, provide outreach to hospitals, healthcare facilities, and organizations to increase wish grant activity in their community, and support other DIFTL activities as needed.
Robin Handewerger recently hosted a DIFTL fundraiser at So i Heard Music, a musical school her daughter attends. So i Heard Music teaches all-levels music lessons to students in grades K-12 who are inspired to read, write, and record music. At a recent music recital held at the school, Robin and her daughter, Carly Rose, raised awareness for DIFTL while collecting donations towards making wish grant recipients dreams come true.
Do It For The Love is growing and strengthening our volunteer network. We are cultivating a community of local leaders, passionate change makers, and devoted volunteers across the nation. If you are interested in making an impact, click here.