Do It For The Love Turns 5

August 7, 2018 | Elizabeth Scarborough

Lance Bass wishes DIFTL happy birthday!

August is the height of summer, a time filled with laughter, friends and family, and music. It’s also a very special month — it’s Do It For The Love’s birthday month.

This birthday for Do It For The Love is special. It’s our fifth birthday — only a handful of years in which we’ve made over 1600 musical wishes come true.

When I look back to the video of Steve and Hope Dezember that inspired Sara and Michael to create our organization, I am moved to tears, every single time. I’m so proud of all we have been able to accomplish since our “birth.”

In only 5 years we’ve shared the healing power of music with people as young as 3, and as mature as 89, taking our wish grant recipients to shows as varied and different as they are. From Sesame Street Live! to Hamilton to Taylor Swift, they’ve danced, sang and enjoyed a moment of connection, joy and love with their friends/family.

For our 5th Birthday we want to celebrate with you. We have several artists who are sharing their birthday shout outs for Do It For The Love. Each week you’ll enjoy videos, photos and more from celebrities, the Do It For The Love team, and our wish grant recipients.

Help us make more musical wishes come true. During our birth month we are raising $25,000. These funds will help us send those struggling with life’s worse situations to any live music experience they want.

Thank you for being a part of Do It For The Love. We couldn’t do our work without your generous support.