DIFTL Goes to Pollstar

March 12, 2018 | Elizabeth Scarborough

Recently Alexis, our Program Manager, and I attended the Pollstar Conference in Los Angeles. Pollstar is the resource for in-depth information about the music industry. From publishing the hottest concert tours before tickets are available to listing highest grossing concerts, Pollstar is the source for tracking trends and activities for the music industry.

This was Do It For The Love’s second year attending the conference. Our goal was to increase awareness of who we are, and our mission. We’ve been incredibly lucky in our four plus years in existence to gain supporters who not only “get” our mission but also want to do whatever they can to help us bring the healing power of music to those who need it most. But while we have avid supporters, arguably awareness of who we are remains low, particularly in the music industry. The Pollstar Conference gave us a chance to introduce our wish grant program to those who can help us get the tickets to bring people to their music event of choice.

We met some incredible people over the two days of the conference. One that stays in mind is a gentleman who has a child with special needs. Working in the music industry, he has been investigating ways to make music more accessible for kids like his. Once he came across our booth and heard about our work, his smile and excitement was tangible. Hearing how we’ve brought adults, children and wounded vets to concerts ranging from Lady Gaga to Blake Shelton to Bruno Mars, he’s now investigating how he can best support our efforts through his connections.

Another person we met is involved in the airline industry. Transportation to and from live music events can be difficult for wish grant recipients to plan and to pay for. While we do help defray costs, it can be a daunting task to organize travel when you are struggling with treatments. Her effusive personality was addictive; in just a few moments from when we met she began brainstorming ways in which she can connect us with airlines, with private planes, with pilots to see what sort of partnership could be created. While we are in the very earliest stages of discussion, I’m excited to see where it goes.

Pollstar was an amazing, energizing experience on many levels. However, while Alexis and I made some incredible connections, there is still so much more we can all do to support our efforts. We are grateful for a vibrant community who is driven to help support our efforts. I’m hopeful that some of the concepts, some of the connections we made may blossom to make more musical wishes come true. I met two wonderful college students who were volunteering at the conference. Talking with them, seeing the spark in their eyes, I know they will be ardent supporters back in Boston while they are in school. It’s their enthusiasm that helps bolster our spirit, elevates our hopes, and makes our goal of fulfilling close to 600 wish grants this year possible.

If you have any ideas on how you could support Do It For The Love, let us know. It’s our community, our Do It For The Love family, that makes it possible for us to do the work we do. Here’s to many more great connections, many more volunteers, many more supporters helping to share the music that can change lives.