“Your organization came into my life at the right time. My struggles with PTSD had driven me further down a hole than most can recover from. I was no longer being the father I should be, nor the husband my wife needed. My days were spent isolating and ruminating in my thoughts. Do It For The Love has uplifted my spirits. The experience of the concert is one that will not soon be forgotten, but even more remarkable, is the fact that there are organizations that truly care about the struggles families deal with. DIFTL has left such a positive impact in my path to recovery. Once again, I cannot express my gratitude enough. Do It For The Love has restored my hope, my willingness to recover and become the husband/father I once was. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

– Brian, living with PTSD, saw Green Day in concert

“I can’t thank you enough for making this a reality for our little family. This is something we will all always remember. The day after the concert, I asked Brayden if this checked something off his bucket list. His comment was, “No mom, this was on my DREAM list. I really wanted to meet the band and especially Ross Lynch, but never thought that could happen!”

– mom of Brayden, living with cerebral palsy, met R5

“I can“It was wonderful to see him dancing around with so much energy. It’s so hard being a child and facing medical challenges, but moments like this make it easier to keep fighting the battle to persevere. Thank you to Do It for the Love and Florida Georgia Line for this great opportunity – it’s a special memory that will help Brady keep fighting when he needs to be brave! Brady is back to strumming his guitar, inspired by the artists to keep doing what he loves.”

– mom of Brady, living with neurofibromatosis, met Florida Georgia Line

“When Pink walked into the room, she talked to my son as though he was an old friend. He was so elated that he jumped up and hugged her. Just watching my son be so excited to talk to and hug someone whose music has gotten him through some hard times and good times was amazing. As a parent of a child with multiple disabilities, there are no words to express the gratitude I have. I just wish I could thank Pink and her crew. They treated us as though we were friends who were able to make it to see her and not just another fan. Being able to also take the woman who cares for and helps teach my son at school all day was an extra bonus. This experience has inspired Gavyn to create a wish list of other inspirational people he would like to meet. As his mother, it has inspired me to keep trying to make this happen and remind him that dreams and wishes can and do come true.”

– mom of Gavin, living with blindness, met Pink

“This night gave the whole family a gift. It is very rare that we can find something that Anna can do and that the whole family can enjoy as well. The Train concert brought us back together again as a family. It had been several years since we were able to do something fun like this together. Anna loves to dance and crank the music as loud as she can! And when she does, there is a huge smile on her face! So we cranked the music and danced in the car on our way to the concert! Then we got to enjoy an awesome concert and meet Pat Monahan! The night was priceless. There are not enough words to express our gratitude to you, your organization and Train for inviting us. THANK YOU!”

– mom of Anna, living with unspecified genetic disorder, met Train

“Having cancer for 11 years takes a toll on you mentally, spiritually and physically. Sometimes it just sucks the life out of you, but music seems to always fill me back up. The last year has been the hardest out of 11. I found out Journey was coming to my area and I set my goal. I had to stay alive for six months to hear them sing Don’t Stop Believing. That is my mantra. You can never stop believing and I haven’t! The night that I had been dreaming about was finally a reality. Do It for the Love arranged for me to not only go to the concert with 3 friends, but to meet the band. I now have an amazing memory to keep my spirits going and will cherish experiencing it with my friends. This was an evening to remember. I have been getting painful bone marrow biopsies monthly and I play music and the doctor, nurses and I sing during the procedure. Now when I belt out my favorite Journey songs, it will be even more meaningful. Thank you so much for giving me something to look forward to. It was an amazing experience and we were treated as if we were VIP’s.”

– Chrissy, living with cancer, met Journey

“It was an honor to volunteer with DIFTL. These folks live life with their hearts wide open and shine their positivity and compassion into the world. It’s so heartwarming to see all the lives they’ve touched.”

– Sandra, DIFTL volunteer

“I have never worked with an organization that has inspired me the way that Do it for the Love does. It is a place for musical passion to be embraced and shared with people who yearn for live music at a delicate time in life. No two people can do it better than Sara and Michael Franti. Their passion and commitment is contagious. They are a blessing in our world with musical opportunities for special people living in the present moment.”

– Megan, DIFTL volunteer

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